First World Cup Race of the Season

Just had my first world cup race of the season, a good chance to see how my K1 1000 and the K2 1000 is going. We had very fast conditions and I was blown away by the level of the competition.  Adam Van Coeverden of Canada out classed the field going quicker than anyone since the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  Nathan Baggaley wasn’t too far behind him with me in third going .2 faster than my winning time at worlds.  I felt like it wasn’t my best race, having said that, a 3.28 is normally a pretty handy time, but I  did expect the standard of racing this Olympic year to be very very high.

Forty minutes later Steve Ferguson and I lined up for the K2 1000, this time Steve and I raced with me in the front, it makes sense to have a lighter person in the front if there is a strong tail and choppy water, plus I am now getting off the line a lot faster. 

Steve and I paddled a good race to come in fourth. There were some good crews missing, but like it was in Atlanta, we’ll have to wait to see what the Kiwis can pull out on the day.
It would have been nice to get some confidence with a gold medal from this regatta, but I’m putting everything into the one day at the Olympics.

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