Training in Nottingham

I am now in my second of week training in Nottingham, where I have been staying and training with Tim Brabants, the number one English paddler.

I have started to gain more strength as each week passes, doing some pbs in my 2k repeats. I have also started back into my weights after putting them on the back burner while doing some good quality miles in Czech, it is reassuring to see my strength is coming back as well as we anticipated.

The weather is living up to its reputation, with consistently strong wind blowing down the course; this has been great for my preparation for Athens.

In the weekend we raced the English National championships into a very strong headwind, I had a great battle with Tim Brabants managing to get away over the last 250 for a 2.6sec win, this was great as I have been trying out some bigger paddles and have done some good times downwind so it is reassuring to hold it together in a longer race.

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