New Zealand Marathon Champs

This weekend we had the New Zealand Marathon Champs in Tauranga.  Despite the two and half hour drive, I lined up ready to race thanks to the comfortable ride in my Peugeot 407 SW.  I had a great race and was able to win my third New Zealand marathon title.

The following day I had the honor of lining up in the K2 with multiple national marathon champion and all around distance paddling guru Simon McLarin.  Mid way through the race we felt confident we were in a good position to win.  But as fortune would have it we would paddle over a log which was six inches below the surface and put our rudder through the bottom of the boat.  We were able to straighten up the rudder and continue, but we were carrying a lot of water and we were forced to stop and empty our boat every 20 minutes to stop the boat from sinking!  We would eventually finish third.

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