Bronze medal at the Marathon Worlds

I have just competed in my first Marathon World Championships which were held in Perth, Western Australia.

The 36 kilometer race held on the Swan river, consisted of five laps with five portages (where the paddler is required to run with their boat for about 100 meters). It was a fantastic course with great spectator viewing, and informative commentary.

After 36k of hard racing I had a great sprint finish with Edwin De Nijs of the Netherlands and Thomas Jezek of the Czech republic, this is always a hard part of the race because we had worked well together for most of the day and then I have to turn around and beat the people that have helped me, but it goes both ways.
It was a great race and very rewarding. The race was won by  Emanuel  Busto Fernandez of Spain who with his countryman Emilio Merchan Alonso (who was placed second) completely dominated the race.

The following day I raced the K2 marathon event with New Zealand marathon kayaking legend Simon Maclarin, big Simon had to come out of retirement for this one, but it was a lot of fun training for the race, and a great opportunity to learn some great tips from one of New Zealands best marathon paddlers. We finished up 13th in a pretty tough race, with blustery conditions and a fair bit of chop on the course. I was definitely very tired by this stage and thankfully Simon had done the work to carry us through.

It has been an interesting year, and technically it is now the end of the season. I am currently in Melbourne catching up with family and sponsors, hopefully we will make it to the golf course tomorrow.

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