New Zealand Flatwater Kayak Nationals

Over the weekend we had our national championships held on Lake Pupuke in Auckland.

It was great to see the numbers building, especially in the junior levels, it is clear that we have a lot more girls coming through which is all good for the sport.

Also it was great to see the Swedish junior womens team showing some of the young up and coming girls what international paddling is about.

On Saturday I won the K1 1000 by 3.6 seconds in very average conditions, I often find it hard to race at my best in New Zealand, maybe this is because I feel more pressure at home? or is it that I feel I have more to lose than to gain? or maybe its that the other competitors come up because they dont have so much expectation on them.
Anyway it was a relief to win and get it out of the way.

On Sunday we had the K1 500s, I placed second to Steven Ferguson who had a great race, it was a bit disappointing not to win both K1 titles but at the same time it is the best ever result I have had in our National championships for K1 500, in 2003 I was placed 5th and 2004 I was 3rd.

This week I will do some light training before getting back into full on training next week.

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