Well it has been a great month of training. Everything has gone really well and the weather has been perfect.
London has turned out to be a good base in my lead up for Worlds.

The Thames has been fantastic for doing my more steady work. In the mornings there is virtually no boat traffic so the water has been pristine not to mention some great scenery with Hampton Court palace right on the side of the river.

Two weeks back I competed in a 10k race called the Paddling Challenge trophy which has been held nearly every year since 1874. I won the race with some good competition from Ben Brown, a Junior paddler in a marathon boat with a really good rudder for steering. Good to have someone to push me as Tim and the other guys were on a pre Europeans training camp. A great way to finish a big week of training.

At the end of my last download week I visited the Tri NZ base in southern France to see what the area was like for a potential training base in the future. All in all it was a productive weekend including a very insightful meeting with one of New Zealands top coaches based in the region.

Last weekend it was great to see my training partner Tim Brabants win the K1 1000 at the European champs. Congratulations Tim. A very solid effort after taking a year off from paddling.

Yesterday it was really good to go paddling on the Thames with Olympic and World Champion Paul McDonald. Ive been fortunate this year to have some great help from Paul and his team mate of the time (also Olympic Champion) Alan Thompson who has helped me alot with technique and planning my campaign.

I am now looking forward to doing some higher speed training as I near my final block before worlds.

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