Bronze Worlds 2006

 Great to be back on the Podium

Congratulations Marcus and Tim.
Thank you to all my sponsors and people that have sent messages of support.

Sorry about the lack of updates for the last while. It has been a tough lead in, problems with my health meant I had to take a different approach, In the end the changes we made to my training allowed me to freshen up more than I would have allowed myself normally.

What a tricky race, so many strong competitors with different capabilities.

My strategy was to try and keep Adam in my sights and not let Eirik get away, and then do what I could in the last 200. And then there was Tim. My training partner for the summer. Having seen what he was capable of in training I thought better of thinking too much about it, as he was capable of anything and to be honest it didn’t increase my own confidence.

Also the 4pm start, way too much time to think about the race and the impending pain you feel when racing the best in the world. As it turned out I had an average start but felt better and better through out the race, I had a very nice finish to place third.

It was amazing how close it was, and frustrating when I saw the photo finish, but I must remember when I crossed the line I was very happy that I had such a good race all considered. I am fairly sure that had worlds been two weeks earlier I wouldn’t have made the final.

It was an amazing experience to race the World Championships in Hungary in front of such huge crowds of over 40,000 people. Definitely a career highlight for me to win a medal here.
Now I head back to NZ, I have been away from home for 4 months now.

Check out the race below:

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