Keeping fit


 Well it is about time I have did another update. I have enjoyed having a couple of quiet months after such a big year.

Since I have been back home in NZ I have enjoyed getting back on my bike and doing some running as well.

Training has been going well, nothing too serious but making sure I stay in good shape all the same. Last week we had a regatta on the Blue Lake in Rotorua, it was great to see the sport growing so much in NZ, the sport is now held back by lack of money and boats rather than interest, the coaches say that we could fill $150,000 worth of boats tomorrow! I was happy to win the K1 and K2 1000 and 500, the 1000 time was modest in 3.45 but the crystal clear water was very cold heavy.

Following the racing we had a NZ high performance camp, it was a great opportunity for everybody to get together and do some hard training and a little rifle shooting as well. Paddling in the K4 for a session was a welcome change although quite brutal as you cant go at your own pace, much like running down a hill and not being able to stop.

Over the weekend I did another short marathon race called King of the Mahurangi, a 21km race that I first won 2001, it was nice to be able to go back and support the smaller regional races that brought me through when I still had so much to learn. I was able to lead start to finish and was happy to have a good pace without working to hard.

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