Road trip

On my way to the South Island in comfort and style thanks to Peugeot 407.

The Kaikoura coast.

IMG 0892

About this time each year I enjoy a road trip to the South Island. Normally this involves a few trips down the Waimakiriri river and some bike riding in the hills. This year my training partner and top Coast to Coaster Gordon Walker has joined me for the trip south. We are both looking forward to some less crowded roads after a few near misses while out on the bikes in the last fortnight.

This weekend I am riding on behalf of Peugeot in the Armstrong Peugeot Festival of Cycling. On the Saturday there is a road race of about 75km. On the Sunday they will hold the NZ criterium champs in which I will be happy just to watch.

Although I am going to be involved in a kids race and a celebrity tandem race. This is where some more well known people do a few laps of the criterium circuit on a sign written tandem bike with a local buiness person. A lot of fun and a good opportunity to raise some money for childrens charities.

I am looking forward to testing out my new wheels!

IMG 0893

It was really cool to catch up with Mark Inglis again. Last time I spoke to Mark was in 2004 when he was giving a motivational speech to a group of first time Olympians of which I was one of.

18 p[1]

At that stage he had done a lot but was more well known for his silver medal in cycling at the Sydney paralympics. He is now the first double amputee to have climbed Mt Everest. and

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