I have just got back from a weekend in Dunedin. Nice to have a break after the Australian regatta. I am very pleased to say that I am now engaged to my Girlfriend Helen. I chose to propose to her on the top of a mountain on one of her favorite runs, the thing was it was 45min running to get to the top of the hill and I have only ran once in three months, as she is quite a good runner it meant I was under the thumb so to speak the whole way up the hill. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come…

On the Monday I had an oppertunity to paddle in the flume at Otago Universtity. The flume is basically a small swimming pool in which there are a series of pumps recirculating the water so that you can paddle or swim continuously and still stay in the same postion. It is also a controlled environment so it is very useful for all sorts of testing. In a kayak though it is a bit on the small side and requires a reasonable level of skill not to bang into the side,and stay in the right postion. This was a good oppertunity to get between three and four different camera angles at once on a split screen. This will give some good insight into what is going on with my technique.

This afternoon I am flying to Chrishchurch to meet uo with my team mates for the Mt Cook (Highest Mountain in New Zealand) to Christchruch Multi-sport race. My team mates are Robin Reid – NZ Olympic cyclist, Clinton Avery – NZ representive cyclist ( mountain bike ) , and Carsten Jorgenson top Danish runner.

I am looking forward to getting back on to some whitewater and having some fun competing in a differnt event.

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