Training for King of the Harbor

Week two of training has been going well. I am now back in Auckland preparing for the King of the Harbor – International long distance Surfski World Cup.

This morning I paddled with 11 times World Champion Oscar Chalupsky. The session was 7×8 minutes in which I was probably the strongest but that is small consolation when Oscar is 44 years old and 110kg! I had very little advantage if any in the easy going conditions so if there are some good swells dont bet your money on me.

I have enjoyed paddling the new Mako 6 which has an improved seating position much more comparable to a K1. At 18.5kg it is a little on the heavy side when compared with the Epic V10 that Oscar will be racing at about 8kg!

Here is a photo from after training tonight of Rangitoto which is the Island that we will be racing around. Mike Walker and I paddled 1hr35 minutes tonight with some intervals to break it up. It was picturesque paddling back towards the city as the sun was setting.


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