King of the Harbor

Today we had the King of the Harbor Surf Ski World Cup race. 26km of Ocean paddling with the first 16km being into a strong head wind. For me it definatly made it better, for the ski specialists I am sure that they would have prefered all down wind.

Dawid Mocke of South Africa won with NZ team mate Mike Walker coming in a minute and a half back to take 2nd place. Oskar Chalupsky was 3rd. I was 6th about 5 minutes back.

Dawid below in the backwash at the northern aspect of Rangitito



Myself in the same place. My left foot pedal came out 8km into the race so I had to use my toes steer with the left rudder wire. In the end I think it may have even helped on the down wind section where I normally steer to much rather than lean the ski and allow the swells to do the work. If nothing else a solid 2hr 7min paddle to get the fitness going.

Thanks to Steve Knowles from for the photos.


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