End of first 3 week block at Lake Karapiro

It is satisfying to have finished my first training block at Karapiro. So far all has gone well. The goal was to get settled in and back on track with training after my break in Feb/March and also get a good start with my new coach. The eyes have been really good and it makes paddling so much more enjoyable being able to see the surroundings. I still havent worked out whether being able to see the finish line is going to make the race seem shorter or longer.

Today I did a 10k time trial on my own and improved one minute on two weeks ago. The time was good, not super fast, but it was good to have an indicator that my fitness is moving in the right direction.
In the afternoon I had a long endurance paddle to finish off the week. Saturday afternoons are not good on this lake as there are lots of wake-boarders and water skiers out. After about an hour and a half I blew and was seriously considering trying to get a ride back on the coaching boat, it was good to have my coach there to keep me going and I came back and finished the session well.
I am now looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the weekend and watching the Chiefs vs Blues match in Hamilton. I may need some caffeine to stay awake though.

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