Winter approaching

Winter on the way

The weather is definitely starting to cool off.

We are in our second block of training now with the volume increasing, we are still bringing in some quality work but not putting much emphasis on times at this stage. Last week we did erg testing and I was pleased to have increased my peak power which shows I can push harder for longer. On the water I was the most efficient that I have ever been at 4min k pace on my lactate test. The erg test is more of a indication on how tough you are and the on water is more of a test of how well you are paddling. All this shows I need to keep being patient and that things are progressing well. I need to be careful to keep developing slowly and not get to carried away too early on.

It has been great to train in an environment where there are so many other world champions, although they are rowers it is a still good to have their company, it is motivating to see them training hard on days when I am tired and it helps a lot.

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