Engagement Party

Over the weekend my fiancée Helen and I had our engagement party. We went to plan b when it dawned on us how much work was going to be involved having it at home. So we decided to have it at Banque in town.

IMG 1420

Above long time friend and sports scientist Dazza, Troy and Mike from the team.

I must say it was a great venue and the food was very good.

Below Helen and myself. Believe it or not I didn’t actually drink that much. I am still feeling a bit hammered from training.

IMG 1416

Overall the last week of training has been fairly ordinary to be honest. As always some gym stuff has gone well. On the water I have been very flat and my coach had to modify the program significantly.

Back on track this week though. This morning we did some 2k efforts and my times were fairly respectable. I have a better feeling about this week.

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