Czech Republic

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The great thing about paddling is that we get to travel the world and experience the beauty of what other countries have to offer.

I took this shot of the serene conditions before training the other day. In particular I like the reflections in the glassy conditions.

We have been in the Czech Republic for 5 days now. Training has been fairly modest at this stage. Hoping a few more days of settling into the northern hemisphere and the times will improve. Although I did do a new pb for Max speed the other night of over 21kph. I Havnt done any specific work on this but I have improved my strength in the gym, so maybe that explains the unexpected improvement.

At the moment I am trying out a Nelo vanquish. It feels good but too early to decide what boat I will race with.

This afternoon we are off to Prague to have a look around.

Below is my room mate Rudi Williams also from NZ but is representing Samoa. He has been teaching me a few tunes on the guitar Island styles.

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