The first day of the Szeged world cup has now finnished.

For me it was a strange day. Not even making the B final and finishing 5th in the C final. I am not sure exactly why as training has been quite good. I was feeling a little on the flat side but not enough to justify being so far off the pace. The only thing I could possibly put it down to is the inconsistant waves that seemed to create problems for people lane 6 to 9. I don’t like to make excuses but it is interesting to note two other world champions from 2006 also missed the A final from that side of the course in their semi finals. Hopefully we get some settled weather tomorrow for the 500s so I can get a guage on where I am at.

On a positive note our mens K2 of Mike Walker and Steve Ferguson finished 5th in the A final clocking a new pb of 3.13
Erin Taylor first time senior in K1 in a world cup finished 4th in the B final.
The womans K4 500 finished 3rd in the B final. Rudi Williams did a pb in the 1000 of 3.49

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