Beijing then Home sweet home..

I have just arrived home and I feel glad to be home. It has been nearly 7 weeks and it looks like I have some gardening and lawn mowing to catch up on! I will have the time as I am resting for the next few weeks before I start training in October for the Beijing Olympics. Sorry about the lack of updates while I was away, I had some computer issues so now I am doing 3 or 4 in one go!


The racing at the Beijing test regatta went well for me. I was pleased to paddle better than I did in Germany. The main goal for the regatta was a test event for the everybody from Officials and Volunteers to Athletes to do a rehearsal in a way to make sure everything flows as it should. I was really pleased I made the effort to go as it was tempting to go straight home after Duisburg. One of the first days in Beijing I wanted to go home as the air was not too good but luckily it improved dramatically over the week and I had no problem at all racing in it by the weekend. Steve Ferguson and I raced K2 also to do as many events as we could to put more pressure on the body and we felt we had no problems doing our best for where we were at. Overall I felt really comfortable competing in Beijing, I really enjoyed the food, really good accommodation although I now know a bit more about fixing toilet systems.. and the course was the best I have raced on.

Below myself with World Champion Tim Brabants in the middle with Athens Olympic Champion Eirik Veras Larsen to the right.


Below we are in the last one hundred meters to the finish. I still thought I was in with a good chance here. But Tim was so strong and had it all under control!


At this regatta thanks to Greg Barton and the guys at Epic I was able to paddle the new Legacy K1. An impressive boat. I felt it was a very smooth boat with great boat run and good acceleration. Very solid foot rest with an adjustable block to give support to prevent flexing.


We took the opportunity to do some sight seeing. Below is myself with Steve Ferg and Chris Bullen from the New Zealand Academy of Sport on the Great Wall. It was really good to have Chris come up to Beijing to work with us to make sure our planning for next years Olympics is the very best it can be.

The Chinese are World renowned for their very competitive low cost manufacturing but it turns out they are world leaders in building walls as demonstrated here.

Great wall

To get down from the wall back to the car park we took the luge! This was good fun. Steve was reluctant to let go at first but we managed to talk him round… turns out he is a natural!


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