Road trip

I have just got back from a holiday/road trip with my fiancé. It was nice to get out of the big smoke and head down the country and catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a while.

I have just started back into some light training. I had originally intended a little more time out of the boat and off training in general but I didnt appreciate how much I would miss training. So I will just keep things pretty aerobic for a while.

We were away for about five days in total and managed to do some good off road running and some cycling.

Actually to be honest, the main part of the trip was to check out some wedding venues for 2009. We think we have found the place, which is very good as I was feeling a bit bad that I was planning on stopping in at my home town of Taumarunui on the way back to Auckland to compete in the Whanganui Descent kayak race – not quite what my partner had in mind.

Below is a picture of the portage which was most welcome after 22k of paddling and another 36k to go. I won the race in low river conditions in a time of 3hrs 44min, with Peter Osullivan just 4min behind me. The fastest time I have done this race in is 3hrs exactly in a higher flow. I was kind of hoping for some last minute rain the night before, but no luck.

What was really cool was that it was the first time I have paddled the river since I had corrective laser surgery on my eyes. The picture below doesn’t do it justice, but a little later the sun came out and further down the river the scenery was amazing! Paddling thorugh native bush was the most incredible feeling and being able to see every thing in such rich detail was a heavenly like experience. An amazing place until I ran out of energy gel and the lights started to dim with an hour to go! I think white water paddling will be much better now I can see where I am going.



portage wanganui descent[1]


One of my favorite places is Lake Taupo. I took this photo (below) on the way to Taumarunui for the Kayak race. It is a really nice drive when the sun is going down. You can see Mt Tongariro, Ngarahoe, Ruapehu and Mt Taranaki from the top of the Punga Rd (highest point between the two districts that we drive over).

I was very grateful to come home and still have the support of my sponsors after such an up and down season. The Peugeot 407 was once again up to the task, great sounds, very economical and really well suited for all the toys we wanted to take away.

pergeot and gear taupo

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