Mountain running

I have just got back from a great weekend of multi-sport training. I have decided to enter the Mountains to Sea multi-sport race . A three day event in two weeks time from Mt Ruapehu to Wanganui with Mountain running, cycling and paddling.

Below is a picture of myself at the start of the run with long time friend and former New Zealand mountain running Champion and representative Callum Harland. Needless to say the exertion rate was fairly low for Callum.


It is a little bit disturbing to enjoy such things, with very high winds on the mountain it was not to pleasant to begin with, but once the track had descended below the snow line into the bush it was a lot warmer. ie the temperature was now about 6 degrees. From Callums Discovery Lodge I had the company of Tom Marshall from Taumarunui to bike with me for the next couple of hours. This was miserable with strong winds and horizontal rain for the first hour. I cant imagine how a cyclist could train like this for too long.

To round the day off I paddled down the Ongarue river to where it meets the Whanganui and continued to Ohinepane. This trip normally takes about 2 and a half hours, with a bit of water in the river I got there in my best time of 2hrs 7mins. To round the paddle off I paddled back up a couple of km of grade two rapids. This was hard but good fun and is probably the best way for a multipsporter to improve their paddling quickly. Very good for the catch, if your blade doesn’t lock on well it will pull back in to rocks, and of course if you dont move the boat well and paddle fast enough you will go backwards down a rapid which is not desirable.

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