Since the Last camp we have been based in Auckland at our usual stunt head quarters at Lake Pupuke.

Training seems to be going well and although I am really enjoying the challenge of it like most of my competitors around the globe I am living in a constant state of fatigue and on average I am getting about 10 hours of sleep per day.

No noteworthy super fast training sessions to tell you about but I have put on some weight which I am counting on losing once the higher intensity training kicks in next year.

In between training, eating and sleeping I have had a few days off to relax and spend with my fiancé.

Below is a picture from the start of the swim of the triathlon that my partner was doing the other weekend. It was a fantastic day, and a really nice location for her to do her first triathlon.



Once and a while it is nice to take a break from the routine and get out for a picnic. It was a really nice evening to have dinner on top of North Head.


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