Lake Bled

My apologies for the lack of updates. We have been a little off the beaten track..

I had a relatively simple trip to Europe with all my gear arriving with me in Ljubjana which is the capitol of Slovenia. From there I traveled to Lake Bled with Jernej who was my training partner in New Zealand for seven weeks.

I was very well looked after staying at Jernejs family house at Lake Bled which was very close to the lake making life very simple for us.

We had a very nice opportunity to travel a little further into the Mountains and paddle on Lake Bohinj where we spent some time with the local junior paddling club at the end of our session.It was refreshing seeing young paddlers having so much fun.

Paddling with juniors

The lake was amazing!

Lake Bohinj

It has been a really good trip to this point.

We are now in Szeged in Hungary preparing for the 1st World Cup race of the season. Over the weekend we did some practice races to give the body a wake up for whats ahead. The times were respectable enough and as good as I could expect at this stage.

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