World Cup 1 – Szeged, Hungary 2008

We are now in Hungry and I have my new Thinkpad laptop thanks to Lenovo who are supplying computers for the Beijing Olympics. To help the spectator get an inside perspective into what goes on behind the scenes Lenovo has assisted 100 athletes with the equipment they need to keep a blog so the public can follow their journey.

Below is a picture of some of the team taking an evening walk around the town square of Szeged..


Tomorrow we start racing and I am sure everybody in the team is anxious to race to get a feel for how close their hard work has brought them to being on track to achieve their Olympic ambitions.

Training has been so good for me I even got sick! Normally a good sign that the body has received enough training stimulus. A few days rest has been enjoyed and I really like to think that it wont be too much of an issue as I am feeling better every day.

The week in general for everybody has been about resting up a little and fine tuning boat set ups as we are fresh in Europe and have all new boats. I am thankful to Nelo which is a top manufacturer from Portugal who have supplied my K1 for the season. They have been very obliging personalizing my boat to my requirements making a deeper bow section to maintain waterline length at race pace and also making the deck a little narrower at the catch. For colours this year I was fortunate that Nelo have many options that one can spend hours pondering, not including limitless patterns and spray jobs. In the end I went with Kiwi black. Actually it is raw carbon fibre weave and looks quite racy!



We also took the time to have a team photo.

NZ Team 2008!

CRNZ Europe 2008 139

This year unlike other years we wernt going to get caught out by the cold so we are all well prepared with our nice jackets thanks to Macpac.

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