Poznan Day 3

A very good day for the team with Erin Taylor and Steve Ferg racing exceptional finals.

Steve came fourth in a blazing fast time of 1.36.574! Amazingly Adam Van Koerveden made some serious readjustment to the record books setting a new world best time of 1.35.630! Tim Brabants was second and Kenny Wallace 3rd all three of those guys went under the pre exisiting worlds fastest time for K1 500!!!



Erin Taylor made a big step with her first K1 500 World Cup podium with 3rd place in a new pb of 1.50.590. Very exciting for the team to see her hard training get rewarded!


For me it was just the semi final in the morning in which I didnt fire, rather than make the B I decided to back right off to ensure my racing for the regatta was finished without having to race a B Final. I felt this was the best thing to do given that I havnt been feeling in full health and killing myself to make the B Final when I am run down was not going to prove anything. Especially with flights to Australia this week.

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