Home run

Last week I decided that it was time to come home for the last part of my build up running into the games.

Nearly 3 months living out of bags away from home and only being a few hours from NZ I couldn’t resist flying home for a bit. For sure the weather is rubbish but the freshness of sleeping in my own bed and catching up with my fiancĂ© and friends shouldn’t be underestimated. Its nice to dump my 40kg worth of gear and repack for Beijing.

The training camp in Rocky has been without question the best that I have been on. The water was mint. Even the wind if it did come up was a nice consistent type of wind that was never far off being in line of the direction that we were paddling.

We had access to a great coaching boat that Ferg and Macka used to coach the team. The food in Rocky has fantastic thanks to Fergs wife Ally who has tons of experience cooking for hungry athletes. I feel like I have really maintained my condition which has always been a battle for me going into big races so thanks Ally.

The only thing on my mind and a few other peoples although we tried not to dwell on was the fact that we were sharing the river with crocs! And I am not talking about ugly chic repelling footwear! Towards the end of last week when I was doing a longer steady with Slim who lives there I suggested that we could go a bit further past the 5k point which is when he alerted me to the fact that the 5k point was where it was known the crocs like to nest!


What? I said, youre saying that where we have been turning around is where the crocs are known to nest? Sure he said but its no problem, I just wouldn’t get out up there thats all! Cold comfort!

In fairness they are only after all “just freshwater crocs”! Just like the harmless ones I googled that you can see above…

So I was happy to finish my stint in Rocky without getting eaten!

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