Olympic Village

I have had a great start to my time in Beijing. At this stage training has been conservative just allowing time to settle in and adjust to the climate and the different lifestyle that the village brings.

When we first arrived we were welcomed into the village with a Haka led by Dallas Seymour. Inspiring stuff.


On the flight from Sydney to China I felt privileged to be seated beside none other than Olympic 800m champ Steve Ovett who was on his way to the games for a commentating role. Interesting guy and very humble.
Speaking of humble as we walked in we ran into Julian Dean. Top Kiwi Tour de France rider. Last time I spoke to Julian was in Athens and I was impressed with what a down to earth guy he was. Still the same it was a reminder of just how special it is to be in the Olympic Village. Around world class Athletes without the try hard attitudes.

Today to avoid driving out to the course twice or having a long day out there ( as its 40mins to 1hr away) I decided to do a light aerobic session on the treadmill and ergs in the gym based inside the village, then after lunch travel out to the course for one paddle session. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the gym. I had to constantly remind myself it was just a light wake up session as it was easy to find yourself wanting to get stuck into a serious work out which wasn’t the objective. It was motivating working out in the company of over 100 other world class athletes. The lay and equipment was top of the line.

On the way back from the gym I saw World Time trial champion and multiple Tour de France stage winner Fabian Cancellara – the swiss rider who took the bronze in the mens road race who was being interviewed outside their apartments which are right next door to us. He was kind enough to chat for a bit and have a photo taken with me.

Fabian Cancellara

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