<1 Week to go!

With less than a week to go it sure feels nice to be feeling a bit fresher.. although if I dont feel a little more frisky before race start on Saturday I will be a little concerned… there has been a fine line between resting up and actually getting some training in.. time will tell I guess.

Big thanks to Asics shoes who have been supporting me over the years with running shoes and cross trainers. Its been great having their support. While I was paddling and doing very light milage on the road my Nimbus neutral shoes were doing just fine, however with the big jump in running milage and added cycling I needed some extra support in my shoes and have moved back to the Gel 3000. These have been great and thanks to Dene my guru Ironman physio I have been able to stay on top of my I.T Band problem which started on day two, and actually get some running in.


Tomorrow will be a light ride to make sure all the kit is in order and to keep the legs moving. I will put a up a photo of Pinarello FT-1 that the guys at Kiwivelo have done a great job of setting me up with.

With a ride that would be more than adequate for any pro to win on I wont have any excuses on the equipment side of it.

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