Pinarello FT-1

When I was offered the use of some carbon race wheels I wasnt going to say no, you can buy an Olympic class kayak for the price of a top of the line set of race wheels. Being a rookie I was hoping the wheels might be something a little on the conservative side and not too deep. When they arrived the rear wheel was a disc with a message passed on to harden up! It is commonly accepted that you need to be riding a lot closer to Cameron Browns speed than what I am capable of to make it worth your while.I have received mixed advice about how efficient Disc wheels are at various speeds..


I went for an easy hour ride today to get the feel of it all. Luckily there was some wind around to get some kind of idea what the disc will feel like in the wind, particularly side wind. So far all good. The other thing I am told is that I will need to be careful not to get too carried away as the set up I am on is inspiring to say the least. Fast wheels make you want to ride faster than you really should.. sounds like it is a good idea to train on them for a bit to calibrate your effort to the feel of the bike as it does truly feel different with the fast wheels on.

The aero helmet thanks to Kiwivelo was a nice surprise too! I am really looking forward to Saturday.

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