Well I am pleased to say that I survived the Ironman for 2009 while also managing to pick up a spot for Kona as the NZ Ironman is an official qualifying race.

Overall it was a really good day for me. I was pleased with my splits too which were somewhere around 52.52 for the swim, 5.13.21 bike and a 3.27.12 run making a total of 9.41.10s.

The conditions were kind with lower temperatures and some light rain which kept things cool.



The bike set up thanks to Pinarello and Kiwivelo was fantastic. I was grateful to have the fast wheels and aero helmet too which made the long day which is the Ironman that little bit shorter!


The first photo is lap one and the second is lap two. As you can see not quite the same spring in my step second time round! I was really happy to maintain just under 5 minute kilometers but the motivation changed through out the run from wanting to do a good run split to just finishing the run as quick as I could so I could get my feet up!

Below race winner Cameron Brown looks like he still has plenty of Gas! Running sub 2.45! for those that havnt worked it out 4 min ks is a 2.48 marathon so well under that!


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