Mint weather

Since the Ironman things have been pretty low key. I have enjoyed training for only the sheer fun of it. When I have felt like sleeping in or having a day off exercise I have which has been great.

The weather lately has been amazing! A little cooler but beautiful fresh blue sky days week after week! So perfect weather for cycling! The funny thing about cycling that I have found is that the body can push so much harder for longer than it can in other sports like running or paddling.. but in cycling when you blow up you really blow up! when the body has had enough and the legs go on holiday there is not much to do about it apart from rest or ride easy and keep the expectations in check. In paddling I have been very tired but never something a few easy days couldn’t fix.. One of the challenges after the Ironman is taking the recommend rest which seems to be not much more than nothing in the first two weeks then very easy after that and nothing too serious for a month! A lot easier said than done. Once the muscle soreness was gone I couldn’t wait to get out there -the advice was echoing in the back of my mind in the Sunday bunch ride just a week after the Ironman as I was getting it fed to me by the national road race champ on the customary hill climb! Now I am paying for it as my legs are dead as. Not too concerned though as I am just cruising at the moment and enjoying the sheer pleasure of being outside exercising rather than training with the burden of Olympic aspirations.. creeping is just fine.

Last week I did feel the urg to get in the boat though and decided the local Tuesday night ski race would be a goer, without prize money or competition points up for grabs a few of the tops guys sat it out, even so I was still surprised to win and have a winning margin very comparable to the guys that had sat it out to the guys that were there looking back over previous weeks.. curious I thought.. I was intrigued to quantify just how much I would have dropped off on just over two months without paddling.. so a blood lactate test was in order I felt. As it turned out I finished well inside a stage of my best ever on water blood lactate test! For those that dont know a lactate test is like a beep test at school. We do one kilometer repeats that get progressively faster by ten seconds per stage. We go one stage past threshold and end up finishing by doing a 3.50min km. At the end of each stage the heart rate and blood lactate is recorded on a graph. The blood lactate is measured by taking a drop of blood from the ear lobe and putting it onto some thing that looks like a glucose meter.

Encouraged by this I did the 10k race with the boys on Saturday morning and finished a close second in a sprint finish going 41m36sec over 10.07km with 10 180 degree turns.. so a decent enough effort after only paddling a couple of times in just over two months! I can see how it works for the Europeans who are unable to train on the water in their winter/our summer and come back fresh to paddling but being very fit from all the cross training. A very nice platform to work off.

Next plans are to get some good miles in on the bike while the weather is so kind. I have a few little projects on the go so I will let you know when things have progressed a bit further on those.

All for now.

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