The New and improved Vanquish 3 from Nelo

Thanks to the team at Nelo I am now enjoying the latest in kayaking – the new Vanquish 3 has lived up to my high expectations as a boat that has the Nelo appeal and a performance characteristic more suited to my style of paddling – that is a boat that has a straighter hull and tends to run.

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to join the current NZ kayak team in camp prior to their departure for Europe. It was very enjoyable to be out on the water with New Zealands best paddlers without being too concerned about form. I was amazed to paddle a 7.39 for the 2k TT that kicked off the camp as I have been doing very little in the way of any training. I was also happy to come fourth in the 500 in which I was 2.7 seconds behind the winner paddling a 1.48 into the headwind – quite surprising and definitely a nice way to christen the new boat.

Race 1-2

Inside the cockpit they have laid down a nice timber veneer which in the flesh adds a nice element of luxury.


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