One of the best things about living in Auckland is being close to the water – lots of it! This morning I paddled out to Rangitoto with Coast to Coast champion Gordon Walker and past World Duathlon Champion Dr Mat Brick.

What a fantastic start to the day. We paddled the 4 or 5k out to the island then ran around one side of the base of this old volcano before running to the summit and the down the other side and back to our kayaks.


Gordon with the Rangitoto light house in the back groundP5150023

The summit of Rangitito in the backgroundP5150031

This week the NZ Kayak team left for Europe. This will be the first time since 2001 that I wouldn’t have been overseas for competition. I wondered how I would feel about that when the World Cups came around… The first one has now come and gone and I am happy to say there were no pangs of envy or withdrawal. I am very much embracing the year out from competition and enjoying the recreational approach to paddling.

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