2010 New Zealand Sprint Kayak Nationals

Over the weekend we had our National Sprint Championships. We were blessed with some very nice weather and a stunning venue – The Blue Lake in Rotorua, a place where I have fond memories of family holidays when I was a kid. The first time I ever tried a kayak was actually on the Blue Lake when I was about five or six years old. Even then I had the feeling that kayaking was special. The next time I paddled was when I was 13.

Back to the racing… I was very pleased to win the K1 1000, Steven Ferguson was 2nd and Troy Burbidge was 3rd. In the K1 500 I was 2nd with Steve first and Troy 3rd again.

The K2 1000 was a good race with Scott Bicnill and myself taking on Steve and Troy. In the end they took line honors but we definitely put in a solid race.

Overall the regatta was exceptionally well run so many thanks to all the people who made it happen and gave their time. The officials were very friendly and professional which was very much appreciated. One of the many positives was to see was that the numbers are continuing to grow with the fields also far closer together than I have ever seen in New Zealand with some tight battles for the finals berths.

Below a view from the finish line looking up the course and the Podium from the K1 1000. Steven Ferguson to the left and Troy Burbidge bronze medal winner to the right of the screen.



On the way out to the lake early in the morning for my pre warm up there was stunning view of a table top mountain through a valley, with the sun coming up at the same time it made for a spectacular sight.



2 thoughts on “2010 New Zealand Sprint Kayak Nationals

  1. hey ben, would you give me a call mate? (its mike from down the road…)
    my phone went threw the wash a while ago so i dont have your number anymore. 07 828 8018

  2. Giday Ben, Just read about your deal with SPARC to train and represent NZ the way you want to. Awesome!
    Sending ya heaps of support and will enjoy you smashing all competition @ London.

    Good on ya for sticking to your guns and not backing down to anyone.


    Torin Mathias

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