San Diego

It is nice to finally be able to update my blog with a level of certainty around my direction for the next few years. For sure it has been a bumpy year but it has been worthwhile as I now have a fantastic opportunity to prepare for the London Olympics with some clarity.

Thank you to my family, friends and sponsors and the NZFA, CRNZ and SPARC.

We are currently in San Diego training at the USA Olympic training centre. The environment is very nice with a conducive climate for training, a good sized lake with a 3km course. It is a positive place to be with other World class athletes who are driven with the same motivation. It has been interesting learning about other sports and seeing how different athletes train.


I have been dealing with a wrist injury for a while. It is improving slowly and has been quite uncomfortable although its not hard to find perspective. Only a few doors down we have the current World BMX champ and the next best USA rider both with collapsed lungs and a lacerated liver with their Worlds only a few weeks away! If there is one constant in sport it is adversity and it seems that even World Champions arn’t exempt! It is no secret that this year has been far from desirable as far as preparation goes and this seems to be one more bump in the road. I am looking forward to racing in Poznan and doing the best I can with what I’ve got.


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