Great times is the best way to describe the feeling at training at the moment. This morning the team was rewarded for our 6am start with pristine conditions.


Having said that it has been an interesting time with past coaches who have recently lost their jobs still having a crack in the media for the fifth week. Its amazing! The threat of legal action against the administrators who are trying their hardest to make things better for the paddlers has only seemed to create a greater sense of solidarity amongst the senior members of the team.

Below a picture from our squad session at Greenhithe

Sam, Erin,Mike, Myself,Troy,Zac,James,Scotty



Troy fished this one out this week. 13 years earlier Troy and I at a Wild Water Development camp courtesy of Aaron Cox and Phil Dooney. Me 5th from the left and Troy 6th from the left.

old kayak

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