Olympic Games number 3

Thank you to all the people that have sent messages of support.  Thanks also to the NZ Olympic team members that have given the rest of the team so much inspiration with their incredible performances in the games leading up to today.

In this morning’s heats and semi finals I felt the best that I have felt all year on the water, unfortunately it was not enough. There were 5 Olympic medallists in my 8 lane race, with only 4  paddlers able to go through to the Final. I wasn’t good enough today and the lack of racing showed, although it was a small consolation to have the fastest last 250m split. It’s has not been an easy journey. After the race I had some press interviews and in the heat of the moment found it too much of a challenge not to be forth coming with some of my feelings. Unfortunately a few soundbites have been amplified to represent an interview that was more than it was and not at all what I intended. I do apologise for my language. I perhaps could have not said some things but when you are three minutes removed from your Olympic dream being over it is not the best time to be talking to anyone. I hope media can please understand this and choose not to hammer it to death.

On a more positive note 10 years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I would make an Olympic Team not to mention 3 times, so a big THANK YOU to all the people that have supported me and made it possible. From the multi sport days, Steve from Sportzhub and the race organizers that created and ran the events that shaped me through to the people in HPSNZ and CRNZ that do their best. There are too many to name.
Huge thanks to Andre and the team at Nelo, I couldn’t dream of a company that could be more supportive and understanding, inspirational! Thanks guys.
All for now,

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