Aussie GP3

It has been a busy few weeks not to mention 6 months. For the first time in quite a few years I have been working close to full time. Certainly the first time in a decade that I have been working more than I am training, which has taken some adjustment. I am enjoying my new job and the timing is about right as I am definitely at the age where the more responsible part of my life needs to get some attention.

Last week the NZ Sprint Kayak team raced in Australia for the GP3 regatta. Miraculously the course staff somehow cleared up the weed each day which made for some solid fair racing.  Thanks guys.
As much as I have been enjoying the level of training that I have been able to do up till now it was never going to cut it amongst some the best paddlers that Aussie has produced.  Ken Wallace paddled an exceptional race to show that he is back and not to underestimated to put it mildly.  It was cool to have World Champion and 4 time Olympian Anders Gustafsson from Sweden in the line up too.It was a solid race between the big boys and certainly a race that was out of my league for now.. Coming in 6th I had to be realistic.

In the K2 1000m Daryl Fitzgerald and I raced for the first time to finish 5th.  There is a lot of potential there if we get the opportunity to paddle again and get some training time in the boat. On the final day we had the 500s. It was a fun hit out and I was pleased with my race to finish 6th in a 1.41.79 – .7 behind the winner.  In the K2 500 Alex Fort and I finished 3rd.

Really looking forward to stepping up my training and bringing in some strength training now that I have had some time to adjust to my new routine.


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