Coaching & Certification

Kayak training and grade 2 certification as well as tailored coaching programs for Coast to Coast, multisport and Ironman athletes.


Grade 2 Certification

We can take you from an absolute beginner to a certified Grade 2 paddler ready for the Coast to Coast.

Training Programs

From consultation to a periodised long term program, we can tailor a solution to your situation and goals.



Individualised one-on-one sessions and coaching programs for flatwater and multisport kayaking, as well as Ironman coaching.




Ben was transformational for me

Ben was transformational for me, guiding me through his deep knowledge of training physiology, technique, equipment and when to ‘keep my powder dry’. We designed a training program that fitted my lifestyle and sporting ambitions, in my view coaching from Ben was hugely successful and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the process seeing real results that I only would have dreamt of a year earlier. I found Ben to be very responsive, communicative and also had a great sense of humour and perspective when things got tough.

David Loughlin

Amazing attention to detail

Ben was my paddle coach for the C2C longest day. Ben’s 3 times Olympian K1 exploits speak for themselves, but prior to that he was a white water paddler, multi-sporter, and ironman athlete. This makes him an ideal coach for the C2C. About 95% of the river section is essentially flat water paddling requiring an efficient paddling technique. However, the white water sections, although technically only grade 2, are not to be taken lightly. I learnt so much paddling on the Mohaka with Ben. Drawing from his high performance sport background and psychology qualifications, he presented a holistic approach to the process of training that greatly informed how I prepared for the C2C. As well as an overall coaching framework, Ben also has an amazing attention to detail and really helps you along the journey.

Rob Sharp

Ben Fouhy offers tailored coaching programs for Kayaking and Ironman, as well as Kayaking certification.



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