Individual and Group Kayak Lessons

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We do one on one and group lessons on Flatwater, Grade1 and Grade 2.

Please feel free to get in contact if you'd like to discuss.

Flatwater Technique $195
Grade 1  Skills


Grade 2 Skills  $395
Erg Testing $165


Why get a lesson from Ben Fouhy Kayaking?

Time is precious.  Individual or small group lessons are a way to fast track to where you can experience the art of paddling in a safe and competent manner with the right equipment.   Whether you are completely new to the sport or have been paddling for a while and would like to take your paddling to the next level, get in touch. 

A few words from one of our latest:

This year I decided to take on a new challenge of multi-sport. I had never really paddled before, and had never been in a multi-sport kayak! My aim was to ‘complete’ a multi-sport race. Ben has been absolutely amazing at getting me from complete beginner to a competent paddler. His knowledge is exceptional, and he delivers his lessons in such a well constructed way that it has been easy to progress my skills. The value you get out of his one on one lessons is seconded to none. I believe the training I have done through Ben will not only enable me to ‘complete’ a multi-sport race, it will enable me to actually be competitive. I have no reservations in recommending Ben to anyone, whatever skill level they are at. You will not fail to get a lot out of his sessions.


The Grade 2 skills sessions require 2 people min but are able to be discounted where there are three or more participants.   Please feel free to get in touch to discuss options.


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