Kathmandu Coast to Coast Compulsory Gear

Kathmandu Coast to Coast Stage 4 Kayak Leg Compulsory Gear list:


Kayaking gear will be scrutineered at the event. Read athlete handbook for more details on this 

Long sleeve thermal base layer top*

No specific weight requirement. This is your next to skin layer.

Long sleeved mid layer top*

This is your mid layer - can be lightweight fleece or similar. Insulation properties approx. 220gsm or greater.

Waterproof long sleeved paddle specific jacket*

Waterproof (seam sealed and constructed of durable material) long sleeved PADDLE SPECIFIC jacket - minimum of neoprene (or equivalent) cuffs & neck. Must be in good condition (not delaminating).

Thermal gloves*

No specific weight requiremen

Full length thermal base layer pants*

No specific weight requirement. This is your next to skin layer.

Waterproof pants*

Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed of durable material).

1Earlier versions are water resistant due to non- waterproof pockets – acceptable for C2C.

Thermal hat*

No specific weight requirement.

Thermal socks

Synthetic, neoprene, merino or similar – for if you have to spend a period of time on the river bank.


Floatation/air bags

Kayak must have pillars and two flotation/
air bags or extensive watertight sealed compartments that are drainable. The minimum requirement is two rear floatation/ air bags of 20 litres each - correctly inflated secured in the kayak. Wine bladders are not acceptable! Kayaks using storage bulkheads as floatation MUST HAVE waterproof hatch cover FITTED before entering the river.


Wing, whitewater or touring paddles accepted.

Spray skirt

Neoprene/Waterproof and sized for kayak being paddled.

Bouyancy vest (PFD)

Securely fitting, free of defects and of 50N minimum buoyancy (type 406 specialist PFD that complies with NZS standard) - must have a webbing cinch strap below ribcage.

Kayak specific helmet

Must be designed for paddle sports - bike helmets not acceptable.

Repair/duct tape

At least 10 metres. Recommend also towelling cloth for drying kayak so duct tape sticks.


Must be waterproof/seam sealed and capable of keeping gear dry when immersed in water.

Survival bag
Foil Survival BAG – blankets are NOT accepted

(must be secured in PFD during kayak stage).


Attached to outside of PFD or bib.

First aid kit

Minimum requirements:

- 1.5m long (unstretched) roll of 5cm wide crepe bandage

- 2.5m long roll of 2cm wide strapping tape - 10 Band-Aid strips
- Triangular bandage
- Scissors

- 4 x pain relief tablets (that can be used to treat pain in case of injury while help arrives - always follow the directions for taking medications).

- Any Competitor specific medication

(this must also be recorded in your entry form so race medical staff are aware
of any potential conditions or issues).

 For the source check out the competitor handbook for your event: