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Dansprint Pro

The Dansprint fan has been custom developed to provide a resistance characteristic similar to the K1 results. The resistance comparison chart documents this fact. Especially in the speed region of 3 – 5 m/s, which is the dominating kayak speed range for training and competition, the resemblance is outstanding.

Notice that the Dansprint range of settings covers a spectrum of resistance far beyond the actual K1 range. This means that paddlers of all strength levels will be able to adjust the dansprint to give just the right paddle feeling.

To create the right feeling paddlers will typically want to set the Dansprint to a somewhat harder resistance than is indicated by the resistance comparison chart. This is due to the fact that paddling efficiency is higher on the ergometer than on water.

Power calculation

The Dansprint has a very accurate way of measuring the performance of the athlete.

Many less advanced ergometers will simply measure the rotational speed of the flywheel and from that make a rough assumption of the power developed.

The Dansprint continuously measures the breaking forces on flywheel and keeps track of the kinetic energy stored and is thus able to calculate the power input of the paddler.

The great advantage of this method is that it is totally independent of resistance setting, mechanical wear and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. It needs no calibration to stay correct, as long as the resistance flywheel is not modified.

There is app. 80 points resolution pr. stroke

Computer display

The Dansprint ¼ -VGA LCD display provides easy readable relevant numeric and graphical information to the athlete while training on the ergometer. The following quantities are updated for each individual stroke.

  • Paddling time 
  • Distance 
  • Speed / Power 
  • Stroke rate / Water-air ratio / Max. speed / power 
  • Heart rate* 
  • Average speed / power 
  • Graphic Right / Left power balance or graphic pacer

For the speed values, it is possible to choose from one of several units

  • m/s 
  • km/h 
  • time / 500 m 
  • time / 1000 m

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“For a few weeks this year I was unable to get on the water like many other people. My only option was the Dansprint ergo to continue my training.  Although I hadn’t used it very often in the past I figured out it was a great supplement to my training. The ability to have more control over my technique was helpful to iron out a few things I have been working on in my kayak. I also found it allowed me approach my training in a different way, which meant I could work hard on my physiology without interruptions of environmental factors. The important part for me about using an erg for training is to make sure I use the same technique I paddle with on the water, not to just try and get good wattage. I want to make sure I can transfer my training on the erg straight into the kayak..”

Lisa Carrington